Teachers / Administrators

Dear Teacher / Administrator,

This letter acts as an introduction to the services our company, Student Travel America, offers to administrator/teachers. We would like to meet with you to outline our services and to demonstrate how we could benefit students in our community. Student Travel America is a Texas based company whose purpose is to facilitate student enrichment by experiencing education through travel. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for young people to acquire knowledge through travel. After the meeting, you will be able to see how our unique travel experience can be an asset to the students of your school district.

Student scholarship fund / Teacher stipend
1 teacher for every 15 students will have a complimentary trip
All money is escrowed locally (Ridglea Bank)
100 years of educational experience (staff)
Top student supplier for Southwest Airlines
Payments/documentation are handled by Student Travel America
Student Travel America will facilitate all parent meetings
24 hour on-line registration www.studenttravelamerica.com
School invitations are printed in school colors
Toll free 800 help line
Parent/permission/medical consent form
No loss of teacher/student classroom time

After reviewing this letter and attached brochure, I look forward to visiting with you to explain how we can be of service to the students/teachers/parents of your school district.

Mike Hays

Mike Hays

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